Boosting Your Facebook Posts

Boosting Your Facebook Posts


June 1, 2014 facebook-boostFacebook has been slowly integrating paid advertising to boost your posts. Now, it seems that hardly anyone is seeing our posts, unless we want to spend $5 to $100 per post to make sure it is seen by our fans or target audience. In fact, recently resources are stating that only 1-2%, and soon ZERO of your Facebook fans and users will see your posts. This cost for advertising certainly isn’t bad when compared to other paid advertising, but has impacted businesses that invested a great deal of their time and resources building their fan base. So do we kick up our heels and find another advertising platform? Though this may turn some fan page owners away, don’t abandon your existing fan base. Advertise differently, advertise smarter, and don’t be shy to use the “Promote Your Post” payment option to boost select fan page posts. If you’d rather not pay to boost your posts, continue to improve your posted content to encourage likes, shares, and comments. The more interaction you receive, the higher likelihood more people will see your posts free of charge. The lesson in this is to not put all of your eggs in one basket. There are tons of other resources that can benefit your business. As always, online platforms will come and go, rise and fall. Curious about your other options? Here are a number of popular social media platforms you can consider for your organization:

Leading Social Networking Sites

  1. Facebook *Networking for Individuals + Businesses
  2. Twitter *Networking for Individuals + Businesses
  3. LinkedIn *Networking for Professionals + Businesses
  4. Pinterest *Collect, Organize, + Share Things You <3
  5. Google Plus + *Networking for Individuals + Businesses
  6. Tumblr *Blogging
  7. Instagram *Sharing through Pictures + Videos
  8. VK *European Social Network
  9. Flickr *Photo Sharing + Storage
  10. Meetup *Organizing Groups + Meetings
  11. YouTube *Video Sharing

Continue improving your strategy on Facebook.
Encourage more and more engagement from Fans.
And don’t forget your other social media platforms.


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