All About… Organic SEO

all about... ORGANIC SEO


July 24, 2014 Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO, is THE major component in how you rank in searches. A good website is simply not enough in today’s highly competitive online world. But that’s ok, because guess what… it’s EASY! SEO is all about TRUST with the Search Engines. So the better your website is, the more accurate the info, the more helpful the info, and the easier your website is to use and navigate, the more visitors you will have for longer periods of time. Search Engines like that, and they will see that your website is one to rank higher and higher as time passes. So, with every SEO technique you execute, remember TRUST. We have two areas of SEO… internal (within your website) and external (outside of your website).


Internal SEO is something you want to get in place, and monitor for necessary updates. It does not need to change often, but needs to be done well. Adding content to your website occasionally is good, as long as it is quality content and not just filler for the Search Engines. Every feature or bit of content on your website should be specifically geared to the end user, making their visit more worthwhile. Here’s a selection of important areas to nurture:
  • Simple + Descriptive Domain Name
  • Quality, Descriptive Content, outlining target audience, services/product, company, and other data that may help you outrank competitors. Cross link to other pages in your website if it makes sense… and consider linking to external websites, but only if they are of high quality.
  • Meta Title Tags: Up to 70 Characters, Detailed, Related to Page Content
  • Meta Description: 180 to 240 Characters (with Spaces), Detailed, Related to Page Content
  • Meta Keywords: 5 to 10 Keywords or Keyword-Phrases, separated by commas
  • XML Site Map for ALL Websites
  • Site Map Webpage for LARGE Websites
  • ERROR Page to capture broken links
  • Webpage Re-Directs for Updated/Redesigned Websites
  • Do you have any partnerships? Consider cross-linking, if the connection makes sense.


External SEO is much like link-building. It’s the idea of creating this web of connections that all lead back to one important resource: YOUR WEBSITE. External SEO is a process truly lasts forever, but you only need do a little bit at a time. Search Engines want to see that you are established, and growing via organic growth, rather than trying to trick Search Engines into ranking you higher, such as suddenly showing up on 100 different Local Profiles in one week. Following are a selection of ideas you can use to get started:


With Google Analytics, you can monitor the effectiveness of your SEO efforts over time. It is a fantastic and free tool that you can integrate into your website. Google Analytics -

You can accomplish many of these SEO tactics yourself,
or collaborate with your web support team.
It is never too early, or too late, to work on your SEO!

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