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September 9, 2014 If you have ever wished that there is a tool or app out there that could help you be more productive, keep you focused, save you time, help you stay organized… well then you have hit the jackpot. Some of these tools / apps are repetitive, but each offers their own unique benefits. Check them out, see what you can use, and let us know what you like most! Any of these tools or applications that offer a free version is marked with an orange FREE!
  1. HootSuite – Manage multiple social media accounts from one online platform. Can be used by a team or individual. Integrates with Google Analytics. Free for up to 5 social media accounts. Plans start at $8.99. FREE
  2. EverNote – A great place to add and organize your notes and online references and access them anywhere. The storage limit can be increased for a monthly fee but is free to start. Syncs with phone, laptop, computer, etc. connects to Firefox and Chrome. “a suite of applications and services designed for notetaking, collecting and archiving information, collaborating, and getting tasks done.” FREE
    1. JotNot Scanner – An iPhone application that uses the phone’s camera to scan documents and file away receipts and other snapshots of documents. Files can be saved to EverNote. FREE
  3. GoogleDrive – An online storage platform to save your documents and files. You can edit your documents and presentations from the platform as well, and convert files to PDF for sharing. It is also very easy to collaborate with others through GoogleDrive. Web-based office suite similar to Microsoft Office or Open Office. Real-Time collaboration. Available online or offline. 15 GB of free online file storage. FREE
  4. PostPlanner (for Facebook) - Schedule and manage posts on all your facebook pages from one central location. Posting to just your Fan Pages, planning up to 30 posts in advance, is free. FREE
  5. IFTTT “If This Then That” – Set up automatic saving of images/posts to archive in a specific location. Example: If I Like an image (This) on Facebook I can auto save the image to DropBox (That). FREE
  6. Base Camp – Task management, brainstorming within platform, track status of employees, and more. Starts at $20/month. 60 Day Free Trial.
  7. Google + Hangout – Instant messaging and video chat platform. Allows group chats (up to 10 participants) or one-on-one chats. Great for virtual organizing, classes, webinars, meetings, and presentations. And, they are recordable! You can publish them directly to YouTube. Even live webinars can stream through YouTube, using their bandwidth and eliminating downtime.
  8. Wiki Google Sites – Organize your information just like Wikipedia. Keep references for now and future. Plan meetings and activities, share information on a secure intranet, collaborate on projects, and stay connected.
  9. Desk – Customer services software that brings all your customer conversations into one platform, including phone, email, and social media.
  10. ZenDesk – Customer services software that brings all your customer conversations into one place… keeps email and social medias organized in one platform. Starting at $1/month.
  11. Priority Inbox on Gmail – Gmail learns from your habits and organizes emails to help you manage communications by separating incoming messages into three categories: “Important and Unread”, “Starred”, and “Everything Else”.
  12. Sparrow – A Google product that brings sanity to your phone and laptop. $.99 (For iPhone and MAC.)
  13. Lucid Chart – Diagraming software, wireframes and mock ups, UML diagrams, and organizations charts. Free for 1st 10 maps. Collaborate on Mind Mapping. Live Chat Box so you can communicate and work together. It sits in your Google documents, and if you use GoogleDrive it loads right back to your computer. FREE
  14. MindMeister – Mind mapping to help visualize school and home activities, used for problem solving, brainstorming, event preparation, project and meeting planning, and task lists. Raise Student Achievement! Create up to 3 FREE Mind Maps. Plans start at $5.99/mo.
  15. Wunderlist – Manage and share your to-do lists, for personal and business use. FREE
  16. Workflowy – An organizational tool to organize personal to-dos, collaborate on large team projects, take notes, write research papers, keep a journal, plan events, and much more! FREE
  17. SnagIt – (Software Download) Create engaging images and videos. Snag any image and enhance it with effects or create a quick video of your computer screen. Then share your creations instantly with anyone. FREE + PAID VERSIONS
  18. Shoeboxed – Digitize and archive receipts and important paper documents. FREE
  19. Dropbox – Online and offline access. An online storage platform to save your documents and files with options to share. Available online and offline. Begin account with 2GB free storage, and earn up to 18 GB total by sharing. FREE
  20. YouTube – Video sharing website. FREE
  21. Buffer – An app to make scheduling and sharing easier via social media. (Does not allow for interaction/collaboration.) Free for one of each social profile. Paid plans available. FREE
  22. Pocket – Save web content to read and review later from your web browser, from email, and from over 500 other apps such as Twitter, Pulse, Zite, Flipboard, and more! Title and picture will be added to reading queue. FREE
  23. Wistia Free - Create slideshows or videos and that require people give you their email address to view it (so you can send them information about working with you), Wistia is now offering 15 FREE videos and 30GB of bandwidth per month for FREE through app sumo.


  1. StayFocusd – Productivity extension for Google Chrome that limits how long you can spend on time-wasting websites. Prevents distractions and procrastination by blocking specific websites for a specified amount of time, or limiting usage per day. FREE
  2. Morning Coffee – Firefox browser extension that opens set links based on the day of the week, keeping you on track with daily routines by organizing websites by day and opening them automatically. Or Daily Links, which is a Chrome extension.


  1. Carrot – A digital to do list that gives you rewards for completing tasks, that gives you sarcastic nudges if you procrastinate, and it only costs $1.99. Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  2. Any.Do – Keep your to do lists in sync, drag and drop to plan your agenda, add reminders, attach notes, and is connected to Gmail so you can quickly turn emails into action items! FREE
  3. Wonderful Day – An iPhone app that motivates users to reach their personal goals by creating a visual chain. $.99
  4. GoTasks – Syncs Google Tasks to an iOS device for Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Task users. Log in using your Google username. FREE *Watch this app in action on YouTube
  5. iDoneThis – An app to track your accomplishments by creating a done list. Collaborate with a team and receive a digest of everyone’s accomplishments for the day. For iPhone and iPad. FREE
  6. Trello – Project management app that allows for checklists, email reminders, collaboration, and upload of related files. For use on web, with Android, iPhone, iPad, or Windows 8 Tablet. FREE


  1. Google Calendar – Free internet calendar to keep track of your own events and share calendars with your network, great for both personal and professional schedules. It’s available on- and off- line, allowing you to embed calendars in websites, attach related documents, and send invitations. FREE
  2. Boomerang Calendar – Schedule appointments without the fear of double booking. It can be used with Google Calendar or Outlook Exchange. It removes the need to swap between windows from email to calendar. FREE


  1. Gmail – Email from Google that allows you to use one inbox to check and reply to all of your email from different email addresses, each of which can have unique email signatures. They offer tons of storage space, filter options, folder organization, and lots of other settings. You have to have a gmail account to set this up, but you do not have to use it. FREE
  2. Boomerang for Gmail – Allowing you to schedule emails for a future delivery date/time and schedule reminders, all within Gmail. FREE
  3. – Filters all subscriptions into one email message, providing a daily digest type report so you can clean up your inbox. Allows easy one-click unsubscribe. It works with Gmail, AOL, Windows Live Mail, and Yahoo. FREE
  4. The Email Game – Email management made fun! Reduce your INBOX clutter! Can be integrated with Gmail and Google Apps. It lets you decide what to do with your messages (handle now or later), gain points for making decisions, and a timer to help you process emails quickly. FREE, but must pay to use with Outlook / Exchange.


  1. LastPass – A secure password manager, can be shared or kept private. FREE
  2. OneKey Pro (iOS) – Secure password manager and private data vault to keep your data safe. Stores encrypted passwords, user names, PINs, credit card info, and bank info with autolock and time-out features. No limit on the # of records stored. Backup via DropBox with reminders to backup. Free for a limited time.
  3. RoboForm – A Browser Extension, for all browsers, for quick access to secure password management that works as a smart form filler to save you time while browsing the web. (Android, iOS, and Blackberry apps.) Up to 10 logins free, for use on multiple computers and mobile devices. FREE

We hope that some of these tools make your job easier
and help to increase your productivity at work and home!

Please share other tools you have found!

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