Industry: Remanufacturing

Established 1972

~50 Employees

35+ Online Machines and Devices

ADVACO has been rebuilding, refurbishing, and servicing vacuum pump users of all kinds for nearly 50 years. With highly-specialized equipment designed for specific pump systems—some built decades ago—it’s been challenging to keep everything connected and communicating properly. They were faced with some challenging IT issues that required the assistance of InfoPathways, and InfoPathways responded in an exceptional manner.

When we received the call, the InfoPathways management team immediately mobilized our experts and were on-site at ADVACO the very next morning to address the issues.



Risk Avoidance

First, we were able to identify some potential risks and initiate preventative measures to mitigate and eliminate those risks. 

Modernized Infrastructure 

Next, we identified and implemented several hardware and software upgrades that were highly recommended due to the sophistication of our client’s business. This included servers, routers, wiring, and all the software necessary. We developed the solutions needed to allow older technology, which is still required, to safely integrate with new technology and adhere to modern security protocols.

From the Floor to the Cloud

With dozens of machines on the manufacturing floor, countless operations are needed to keep things running. We were able to migrate most of these functions to the cloud, which allowed for higher security, less internal oversight, and thousands of savings in server costs. 

Solid Security. Every single day. 

By updating and replacing older technology and operations, the system now monitors and prevents daily malware attacks which could impact operations.


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