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Tech Whisperer

Posted by:infopathways onDecember 6, 2017

Several months ago, I was asked to speak to a group of parents about apps and other technologies that teens and tweens are using.  I presented with two colleagues and we were introduced as “Technologists.”  I reflected on this introduction as it was being made, and felt like this title somehow didn’t apply.  “Technologist” inferred that I actually do something with technology.  I don’t see myself as a person who works with technology, but more of a person who translates technology into a language that regular people can understand.  I am more of a “Tech Whisperer.”

I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I see blogging as an opportunity to help make technology more approachable.  The goal of this blog is to explain basic tech issues that impact people every day, yet are sometimes hard to understand.  I want to share our experiences with apps and devices from Smart TV’s and streaming services to home automation and beyond.  At InfoPathways and Freedom Broadband, we test lots of things.  Sometimes we love the latest widget or gadget, and sometimes, we can’t believe we wasted time, money, and brain cells on our latest find!  You can live and learn from our experiences!

What qualifies me to be a “Tech Whisperer?”  I’d like to believe I’ve done this for most of my adult life.  Early on, I toyed with being an actual “techie.”  At the risk of dating myself, I worked with Microsoft Windows when it was a clunky overlay on a DOS operating system  (Translation:  Not quite ready for prime-time).  I played with local area networking when you plugged coax cables into the back of a computer with 40 MB of hard drive space so you could share files.  It was like magic!

I later transitioned to a different kind of “tech” role – I became a sales engineer at a large automation company in spite of having a business degree and no formal engineering education.  This role evolved over time, and I became a “Jill of all Trades” and master of none.  I learned lots of little nuggets about temperature control, building automation, energy management – later driving initiatives for technology convergence and electronic security.  Through it all, I carved out a career niche by focusing on desired outcomes and then matching the right technology solution to get you there.

Today, I find myself surrounded by technology.  Yet, the more technology I have available, the less time I want to spend with technology.  Every day, I field questions ranging from the most basic (How fast does my Internet need to be to watch Netflix?) to questions that are beyond my reach (What kind of encryption do you use on your network).  My approach to any question is to seek to understand fully, then hopefully point people in the right direction.

Future blog posts will explore topics like basic data/Internet Service terms to how to optimize streaming.  Each day, new material presents itself, so I hope to write on breaking tech issues and trends.  I’m also open to ideas, so reach out to me if there’s a technology question you think would make a good blog topic.  (

Thanks for reading and tune back in monthly for new posts!

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